Rima.com's credit card policy

Hi, I am considering purchasing Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD+R 50pc, which costs $19.99+$5.50shipping. I have a credit card registered in Michigan but I would like to have it shipped to New York. However, Rima states at the bottom “If the Shipping address is different than the Billing address, please contact your credit card issuer to add the shipping address as your credit card alternate address.” I don’t think I can easily contact the credit card issuer to arrange this. So, I was wondering if this step was really required, or if I can place my order right away without registering an alternate address. Thanks.

P.S - Can I get this product cheaper elsewhere? Also, is there any store online accepting international credit cards?

This is standard policy at all online sellers. Just call the 800 number on the back of your card and ask them to add the additional address for shipping.

It sort of like using Paypal and their " Verified Address" policy.

It’s to prevent fraudulant use of the credit card. A number of companies do it over here too, though they aren’t as strict with a debit card for some reason.

Personally, although I don’t live in the US, I would suggest you change your CC issuer if they are so slack that you can’t get them to add an alternative address. Unless you have a particularly bad credit history and so it’s very difficult to get anyone to issue you a CC in which case you might want to consider cutting down on your CC usage until you improve your credit history.

Do you mean a store which accepts international orders (destined internationally) on international CCs or US orders on international CCs? There are a like one or two I know of which do the former (don’t know if they have DVDs) but they generally require careful screening, e.g. ask you to fax a copy of your CC with your signature. They also don’t ship to certain places, e.g. Indonesia and some parts or Eastern Europe IIRC. For places which accept US orders on international CC, I’ve never bothered to look. I guess they exist, but they probably place a limit on the size of orders and may also require stricter checks. Since you live in the US, I suggest you just help out your friend with the international CC…