Rima.com...Taiyo 8x for $41.00....100 pack



The MID says YUDEN000T02 not TYG02 or TY02. Whats the difference? Also they a selling these at much less than the TYG02’s and TY02’s.




TYG02=8x -R’s

T02=8x +R

These are “A” Grade Taiyo Yuden - from the direct importer - Rima - one of the best vendors online per www.resellerratings.com



thx for the info, but you didn’t answer my question…



On Rimas site the TYG02 and TY02 are EXACTLY the same price as these T02’s - THAT’S the reason I did not respond to you - as you could have read this as well as I-



Taiyo Yuden makes two kinds of 8x-rated DVD media: DVD+R (YUDEN000T02) and DVD-R (TYG02). Period.

There are no other 8x media codes made by Taiyo Yuden. If you see anything else, like TY02, it’s either a misspelling or a confusing attempt at an abbreviation.

That’s all.



Not quite right there agent009-

If you look at the www.rima.com site and look at the “Taiyo Yuden” section on the right - scroll down to 8x -R and you will see the “TYG02 or TY02” in the description-



but is there a difference between the TY02 and TYG02?


Go to http://www.videohelp.com/dvdmedia and do a search for “TYG02” and “TY02”; observe the difference in the number of results returned.

This site has plenty of lists of media codes supported by various firmwares. Find me one that has TY02 in it.

Find one instance of TY02 anywhere on cdfreaks.com that occurs in a screenshot or in an automated media code block dump and is not human-typed.

Until then, I stand by my assessment that T02 and TY02 are nothing more than bad, confusing abbreviations of YUDEN000T02 and TYG02.


That’s a good question. Is there a difference between Mercedes-Benz and Benz? :slight_smile:


Thanks fellas. I had no idea what the hell was going on with those 3 different MID codes. Anyhow…41 bucks for 8x +R for Taiyo a good deal?



From the Rima site - who deals in this media - every day:


"Capacity : 4.7 GB
Speed : 8X Maximum
Surface : Silver Lacquer (Shiny Silver)
Manufacturer ID : TYG02 or TY02
Features : Thermal printable surface for CD/DVD thermal printers, but not recommended for Rimage Everest
Compatibility : For drives/recorders supporting DVD-R format

(Some drives/recorders may require a firmware update)

Packaging : 100 pcs in two 50-Pack cakeboxes"



For premium TY, yes that is an excellent deal. :wink:


Looks over at 396 blank TY YUDEN000T02 media
Must resist… must resist buying more… cats… need… food…
I… need…food… ARRRRRGGHHH!!!
Honey??? can I have the credit card please???


You can hide them at MY PLACE! :slight_smile: (Just trying to be helpful.)



All this proves is that even the best vendors can be careless/clueless when it comes to technical specs. There is no TY02 MID, not from Taiyo Yuden at least.


got it, so the only difference is that there is a “G” missing in the TY02 :rolleyes:


YUDEN000T02 is just too long to repeat in every post. :slight_smile:
I decided to use TYG02 and TY T02 for the two 8x media codes of TY. I don’t see any possible confusion between them but not everybody live with the same abbreviations. If people really hate TY T02, then YudenT02 is my next choice. (The three 0’s are not that useful. :frowning: )

At least I agree that TY 02 is confusing and should be avoided.