Rilasciata nuova versione di Exact Audio Copy (0.99 prebeta 1)

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Changelog di Andre:

June 29, 2007

Finally here comes a new prebeta version of EAC, it took quite some time for this update, but I hope you like all the new features.
One of the biggest changes is the wide support for AccurateRip in order to have now two seperate mechanisms to ensure bit-perfect rips. Logs are now written with all AccurateRip information, and AccurateRip is able to work in any extraction mode (as long as whole tracks are read).
Another often requested feature is copy & test for CD images, which is now also included.
EAC now corrects the VBR header of MP3 files after writing its ID3 tags, also more tags are written like duration, command line encoder settings and the full CD TOC for later freedb lookups.
Please remark that now the drive options are not stored by adapter and ID anymore, but by the drives name. So, if you own two identical drives, changing one drives options will directly change the other drives option. To realise this, all old profiles can not be loaded anymore. If you need your old profiles, it would be best to install the new version side by side with the old version. Then load a profile with the old version and close the program. Open the new version and save the appropriate options (e.g. compression options). Sorry for the inconvenience!
Of course the work on EAC will continue, there is already a big wishlist on the EAC forum that will be worked on within the next months.
I hope you like it!

  • Speravo introducessero anche un miglior look grafico, ma ci accontentiamo
    dopo tutto il tempo per l’aggiornamento atteso.

  • Ho notato che è stato cambiato il database per il Preset delle varie unitÃ
    da Wizard, ora riconosce con i Plextor attiva pure la cache come settaggio

Mentre da come miglior estrattore il Thoshiba 1612 al Premium 1 che lo
da in seconda posizione :confused:, che dire, ci fidiamo :bigsmile:.

PS: Installato sotto Windows Vista, sembra per ora andare bene senza
troppi problemi.

Grazie per la dritta topinambur :bigsmile: