Rightscom publishes white paper on MPEG-21 Rights Expression Language



I just posted the article Rightscom publishes white paper on MPEG-21 Rights Expression Language.

  Submitted byFemina: Rightscom (www.rightscom.com), the  strategic consultancy for the management of digital content, today announces the  publication of a white paper on the MPEG (Moving...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/6217-Rightscom-publishes-white-paper-on-MPEG-21-Rights-Expression-Language.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/6217-Rightscom-publishes-white-paper-on-MPEG-21-Rights-Expression-Language.html)

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Ok, so every file and program on your hardrive will have different rights. One you can use all the time. another file can only be used every other month. Some other files can only be used on tuesdays. This file can be used in january but you can’t make copies of it. This file can only be used on fridays, you can only make copies on tuesday, it can only be printed on monday and you can’t give it to anyone else. Ok this is a bit overdone but with thousands of files on your hardrive if everyone of them had different permission it would just become too difficult to use your computer. When you use a computer you don’t know what files your gonna need, or want to use ahead of time that day. If they lock down technology like this nobody is gonna want it. What if you could only use your car on tuesdays because of DRM. what would happen to the automobile market. Don’t they see?
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Like I said previously on this forum chsbiking I don’t see what all the fuss is about with DRM? They forget that consumers dictate the trends of technology - not the manufacturers. If they sell crap that only works on certain days and not other - people will ditch the shit for something else. At the moment, opensource platform is very appealing to me. Have used it for some time now…and loving it! Rightscom and Microshaft can shove DRM up the you know what!.. When DRM is finally enforced in all facets of technology - I will be one of many that will laugh my arse of this stupid concept and those who chose stupidity over sensibility. Change the business model not enforcing restrictive technology on consumsers if u wanna to survive in business. I guess they will learn eventually!


I think that’s what I was trying to say. I mean the point I was making is everyone is gonna wanna add DRM at first, but everyone is gonna want different rules on their stuff. That would make it so complicated for the user that the user would just stop buying the stuff. Well maybe not consumers can be morons sometimes. But I doubt that technology that restrictive will fly so I’m amazed that these people are smart enough to design a DRM system but aren’t smart enough to see what will happen to their business by using it.