Right firmware for 8x burning?

Hey… I have a Pioneer DVR-104(OEM) and it is a 2x burner.
I just bought a pack of 50 maxell 8x dvd-r and was wondering if i had the right firmware to burn it or if these discs were compatible at all?

I was able to burn a 50 pack of 4x Maxell (Yellow Top) before without any problems and was wondering if the 8x was any different.

My firmware code is 4.10 (1.4) and i was also wondering if the firmware was right… Im trying to avoid updating my firmware atm because i have never done it before.
If someone could help me figure this out i would appreciate it very much.


Stick with made in Japan media and burn at 2X. No need to update FW with 8X media.

ya the Maxell Dvd-r is made in Japan and i usually burn at 1x so my only question is really the compatibility and the firmware issue.

I have read that i MUST update the firmware and have been told that i dont have to… So i’m getting mixed suggestions :confused:

Can anyone else confirm this before i burn??? :o


There was an issue with the 104 and “high speed media” early on, I don’t remember the exact firmware that corrected this, but I am sure that 1.4 corrected it, also you would know by now because you have burned 4x media, and you would have seen a problem by now. That was the issue, the drive could burn the 2x media but had an issue with anything above that. I have a 104 and it has 1.41 firmware on it, and have no problems with it, whether burning 4x media or 8x media, it just will only burn them at 2x. Reading here just says to update the firmware (doesn’t specify from which firmware to which) but it is what Pioneer has available, http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/hs/ Hope this helps.

thanks for your help… i have heard of problems with the 1.41 firmware also and want to stay with the 1.4 (4.1 in my case)… The high speed media warning was for version 1.2 firmware if im not mistaken.
I just wanted to make sure if 1.41 was a neccesary upgrade or not because i’m really not in the mood to screw anything up and troubleshoot it lol.
I bought a pack of 8x Ritek DVD-R and those seemed not to be compatible with the A04/104.

The pioneer site is terrible with its explainations of what the firmware actually does and which firmware is needed for what … :frowning:

Once more…in English…“No need to update FW with 8X media”.

ok thanks