Right-clicking in OSX



With the news of apple moving to intel processors next year, I will finally be able to realise my dream: right-clicking in OSX :smiley:

I sure hope we will be able to run OSX on any x86 processor. Dual botting osx and xp would be awesome


hmmm… this would be kinda strange… I like de OS very much, so much for the $$$ mac I’ve bought… :frowning:


@ kwkard if you will be able to run OSX on a x86 processor why would you even think of running some rubbish like XP ?


Is there a one button wheel mouse for the Mac?


OS X (and late versions of OS 9) have had contextual menus by CTRL+LEFT CLICK for some time…and you can use ANY USB/2 mouse and designate right mouse button to this combination.

the forum/discussion thread here is an interesting read for those interested in Apple’s move to Intel CPUs:


Well for games, certain apps windows exclusive etc. But I do like osx, my gf’s mom has tiger and I like it a lot.


Not going to happen. Not, at least, in the short to medium term. Apple have insisted that, despite porting the architecture to Intel, OSX will not run on non-Apple hardware.


I know about this, but it doesn’t answer my question.

Is there a one button wheel mouse? Every wheel mouse that I’ve seen has 2 buttons.

Why Apple Makes a One Buttoned Mouse
Although I can envision a day where Apple will ship with a two button mouse, they have really, really, really good reasons for sticking to a one button mouse.

The first reason deals with the technical ability of the average computer user… Secondly, Apple wants all developers to follow their interface guidelines… If every application can be expected to work the same way, the learning curve for the user is minimized.