Right audio wrong video :(

I’ve tried to backup Deja vu twice “Main Movie” and both times the movie started fine then the director and behind the scenes section came on while the audio for the movie was playing over it.I think I did it the same as I always have but… Anyone have any ideas ?

Thanks Tontay

PS we’re sorta new to all this 1 month

Hi, Tontay. Main Movie is selecting the longest title automatically. This is normally correct, but for this movie and several others you have to manually select the slightly shorter title just below it. Give that a try and post back if you still have problems.

This new form of video protection which makes is hard to access the main movie. Try to rip it first then access the main if that failed try to rip the already ripped file and this time access the main movie.

right on signals! i use customize and the same thing happened to me. i did just what signals explained and worked perfect. play the original in you stand alone player, display the chapter/title info then you will know which to backup. also if you take the time (which i usually dont) there is a video preview on the bottom left. it would also be nice to have an audio preview? will have to post on feature request page.

Just an FYI,

As signals said, in main movie mode Fab is selecting the longest title. Normally this is correct, but some flicks (increasing in numbers recently) have director’s comments/narratives interspersed.

Fengtao is in the process of tweaking Fab’s title selection process, but as stated by troy512, customize mode with a quick preview will do the trick for now. This really is a quick and easy process, both to identify and remedy.


Excellent idea and has been brought up in the past. Right now the video preview plays at a faster frame rate than normal so in it’s current state, the audio preview is not feasible.
Maybe Fengtao can tweak this too!..fingers crossed.

I’m not sure if I’m supposed to respond to your help ?

Your suggestions worked and I learned a few things.

Thanks again guys!

The Preview window is your friend.:slight_smile: