RiDisc Xtreme x16 vs Datawrite titanium x16

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Anyone out there got any thoughts on the better 16x disc to use with a NEC 3540A :- Ridisc Xtreme .with RitekF1 dye
Datawrite titanium x16 (not sure what dye think mcc)
any info from someone with 1st hand use ,or any other disk suggestion would be greatfull,many thanks

I recently used Titanium MCC disks and they were seriously sh*t :a Sent them back for some decent quality Verbatims (MCC004).

I am NEVER touching cheap media again. Other have said it, and it’s ture - cheap media costs more in the long term. :sad:

Only buy branded media - Verbatim, Taiyo Yuden. TDK, Memorex etc, not RiDisc, Arita, Datawrite, Datasafe, Tuffdisc…

But if you HAVE to go for RiDisc or Datawrite, I’d say go for the RiDisc. I have one on my desk now - although the scan is poor, it’s way better than for any Titanium I’ve used.

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The titaniums are probally with TDK code but MCC and CMC code are possible. Incase of TDK and MCC it are unofficial disc’s not according to TDK and Mitsubishi quality standards !

I have had 1 tub of each

Datawrite Titanium 16x + CMC MAG M01
Ridisk 16x + CMC MAG M01

they both appear to be very good, wrote at 16x in my NEC 3500, and read back at full speed. Of course they might be a different disk ID now.
(no coasters)

Ridisc extreme with non Ritek code since when is that possible ???
I shouldn’t be suprised with E-net even Pigs might be able to fly. :bigsmile:
Current stores give me.
Ridisc - CMC/TDK/MCC codes.
Ridisc extreme -RitekF1

Here’s my test http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=87408&page=6#post1135023

Those xtremes aren’t good…

nice scan :Z

As mentioned above, neither are a good choice. IMHO the best discs for the money that are currently in the UK are the Verbatim Pastels (made by Taiyo Yuden) which are still a bit cheaper than unbranded TY. They definitely cost more than the two that you have mentioned but as the saying goes you can’t compare budget media made by E-net with top of the line media like Taiyo Yuden. If the Datawrite claim MCC then they are almost certainly fakes. Think of it like buying a Kia instead of saving the extra money for a Honda or Toyota. Sure, you are getting the Kia for cheaper initially but the durability of the car sucks. You get what you pay for. I know the Verbatim Pastels are 8x rated but they will burn just fine at 12x or higher on your burner. BTW you can get the discs for just a hair cheaper at digitalpromo if you use the following logon info:

username: cdfreaks
password: forum


Or, for that matter, a Hyundai .

The Datawrite MCC03RG20 are not fake: http://www.dvd-recordable.org/Reviews+index-req-showcontent-id-145.phtml

I have a spindle of Verbatim 16x DVD-R with the exact same stamper serial (ZD3148-DVR-J47C1) and the batch code in the hub starts with “MAP” signifying they were made by CMC Magnetics, same as the Datawrite discs.

Maybe Jesterrace didn’t mean ‘fake’, but reject?

The first time I bought Datawrite, I was lucky. Most of the disks worked perfectly, and produce excellent scans. But anything over 4GB is unreliable (thankfully, none of the movies I make is over 4GB).

The discs probably are genuine MCC, and they may work well for you. There’s only one way to find out - try them!

The truth is, you may be lucky, you may not be. Sincerely, I do hope that whatever you end up purchasing, it works well for you. We can only give you advice and opinion, but this is no substitute for experience.

To be safe, buy from SVP so that if you do end up with poor media, you’ll be able to return it - SVP are excellent when it comes to returns.

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Yeah, I should’ve said reject. That being said, they have had faked media in their lot before so it wouldn’t surprise me. Either way I don’t think there is a single person here who will argue that Verbatim MCC and Datawrite MCC are of the exact same quality. :wink:

Cheers for your thoughts and replys Guys,at the time of my posting i had already ordered some X16 Titaniunm and so far I’am not impressed,when running scan’s on burnt disks(on the NEC 3540) the results in the most part are no that good ,attached is the scan of the same disk but read back first with the NEC drive then with my Samsung TS-H552b -FW ts10- To give totaly diffrent results any thought on this which is giving me the more realistic picture of the burn quality ,so far play back on stand alone DVD has given me somebad and good results,even with scans similar to the ones below,again your thoughts would be apreaciate.

Sorry, pictures came out a little top big :eek: first time putting pictures in a post :doh:

The Samsung really seems to struggle with that MID code, so I would think the NEC scan is more accurate.

In terms of PIE/PIF scanning, the result is excellent (trust the 3540A, not the Samsung). The QS of 50 is due to a single spike that you can simply ignore. Without the spike the QS would be in over 90.

PIE/PIF scanning, though, desn’t tell you everything about the disc. If you have problems playing these discs in your standalone player, this can be due to other issues, reflectivity and mechanical quality for example being very important for compatibility with many players.

Sadly, I also think that most Datawrites MCC must be B or even C grade MCC. You can be lucky… or not. :frowning:

Not sure what your point is? That cheap cars may have good reliability, or that Hyundai is not reliable because it’s cheap?
I’m asking because Hyundai cars do very well in reliability charts, actually…
(But not their DVD media :Z )! :bigsmile:

Depends on which Hyundai’s you are talking about. The old cars are every bit as bad as their media. :wink:

It’s not about accuracy.
Both drive show how they perform with this media.
Why NEC is known for a ok but not great reader. Samsung/Toshiba drives seem to be in the not so good reader in class still it performs inside the official standards.
So that the Samsung has more problems with reading is quite logical based on earlier results still that doesn’t mean that the reported error levels are not accurate.

Hmm I wouldn’t recommend trusting the NEC over the Samsung. Both have there strong points and week points.

Be carefull with Ignoring single spikes should be done only if it’s a glitch. That’s why I recommend more then one scan on the same tester or other data from other testers to rule out glitches like these.
However based on the results of the samsung and knoweing that it’s the worse reader of these 2. You probally can assume that this spike in this case on the NEC can be ignored.

The 3540A reports erratic (never in the same place) single spikes @5X scanning.

From my experience with the drive (which has become my favourite for scanning purposes), it’s more reliable @12X for PIF figures as the reported levels and numbers are almost the same than @1X and @5X, don’t have these annoying single spikes, and are very similar to what the Benq 1640 (@8ECC) and the LiteOn 1693S (@1ECC) report. :cool:

For PIE levels, though, the 3540A just shows it’s not as good a reader as the Benq and LiteOn drives :iagree: (and it has a bug as PIE levels reported can be over 1664, which is impossible) - but my only interest in PIE figures (assuming, of course, that PIF figures are OK) is to check for possible fast degradation of the disc. PIF figures don’t change as fast as PIE figures with degrading discs :wink: