Ridisc Xtreme x16-R woes

All right folks.

I have been backing up PS2 game for some time with a high success rate, never really strayed away from the Ridisc Xtreme x8 up until my last order. Noticed I had ordered x16 which do not seem to want to write at all.

Had a bit of a read up on my writer ‘Samsung TS-H552U’ and it doesn’t seem to have a marvellous blanks compatibility. So not sure now whether it’s the disc’s at fault or the writer.

I’ve updated the firmware to the latest off the Samsung site and it doens’t seem to have done anything??

Andy ideas?

burning in dvd decypter btw.

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My guess is your new discs were made by a different manufacturer to the ones that worked.

Can you download CD-DVD Speed (or find it in the Nero Toolkit), put one of the “good” discs in your drive, and give use the MID info?

That’ll be found under the “Disc Info” tab.

Then do the same for one of the non-working discs - we can check the manufacturer then :slight_smile:

The 8x Ridisc Extremes , if -R , are Ritek G05 dye and mine are dying within several months of burning. I’ve only a few left readable of the 80 or so I burned.

Cheers Arachne.

I’m out of the old style 8x so I wont be able to compare now. Bit of a bummer.

Tim, can’t say I’ve ever had any trouble with them up until now tbh. Have plenty of stuff that’s holding the burn from well over a year ago.

Is it not possible to flash the drive for better disc compatibility, as most writers are usually just rebranded aren’t they? I dis this with an old Sony drive but it screwed it up worse than it already was.

Just swiped some Maxell discs from work. See how these go on.

You can still see the MID info with already burned discs.

Ive been using the 8x dvd-r’s xtremes for some time and now all of a sudden they’ve all become unreadable including the ones that haven’t been burnt (burn with huge errors). Im so annoyed because there under a year old and would expect they last a lot longer. Do I return them to where i bought them or contact ritek. Surely the lack of quality control is unacceptable when there supposed to be all AAA+ 100% guranteed media. How long are decent media supposed to last? I thought it was suppose to be at least 5-10 years.

Hi Damouz and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I think you’re discs are Ritek G05’s, notorious for becoming unreadable very quickly. Here are a few linkls to other people having problems with the same Ritek G05 discs.




The best thing you can do is avoid Ritek G05 form now on.

Tim, can’t say I’ve ever had any trouble with them up until now tbh. Have plenty of stuff that’s holding the burn from well over a year ago.

Check your burns right now. Not just by playing them for 2 seconds in the DVD player, do a Transfer rate test in nero CD speed and see if it works without any unreadable errors.

I can assure you 100% that your ritek G05 will die. No doubt about it and if they haven’t, back them up onto different media right now.

Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden are the best. Ritek g05 are some of the worst discs I have ever used.

Sweet thanks for the help, i tried nero speed with the disks and my pioneer 110 wouldn’t read them at all. My benq 1650 could and having run the tests the discs scored 0 for quality and had 100% red blocks in the last tab test. Hopefully there not all unreadable. I’ve already stopped using them for some time having purchased the maxell dvd-r’s off play (ritekF1 dye), any good? But for future purchases the verbatim branded taiyo yuden disks off svp at 5.99 for 25 is really good value right (@24p a disk?)
sorry if i’m not allowed to link
Thanks again
Those gits at ridisc should be shot, i’ve lost a year’s worth of backups 'cos of them.

RITEKF1 is much better than RITEKG05 for stability, but the compatibility isn’t really better.
You may wish trying with IsoBuster (which is a software specialised on data recovery) and possibly a LiteOn burner (as they’re known for good error correction) :slight_smile:

My RITEK F1 discs are actually very stable, you don’t need to worry about them as long as the initial burn quality is good.