Ridisc quality at Nierle Media (photos)

I purchased 4 spindles of 25 Ridiscs (DVD-R 4X).

I have opened so far just one spindle. And on visual inspection:
2 discs have a big dye blemish (number 3 and number 11)
number 6 and number 11, have a factory fingerprint-like stain.
the last one, number 25, has a big cloud of dust all over the disc.

Is this normal? Do I return the other 3 spindles?

I have burned just 3 discs so far: n1, n2, n3. The scans for errors are relatively acceptable. Even n3 is readable, in spite of the blemish.

looks like a dye defect…you may want to get a refund if you can.

Well, a refund would make sense if I open all the spindles and return all the refective discs at once.
I will inquire to the shop…

But I am also thinking about returning the other 3 spindles I have not opened yet.
is it normal to get this kind of defect in 2 discs out of 25?
If I get another brand (of the same pricerange), will I have also these things?

I also have with me a spindle of 25 Verbatim pastels. I have not burned anyone yet, but I have opened the spindle, and the first disc was full of dust (in the recording side). The second, third, etc looked better.

For me, this is dissapointing. These are my first purchased DVD discs, and I see dust, fingerprints, dye defects… Is this normal? a fact of life I must accept?

I’m not sure how bad the defect is. I mean… a photo is very dependent on the light and angle. In my experience a visible defect is usually fine when burning a DVD. But I know… Everybody is hurt mentally. :frowning:

I have a few G04 with a cloud of dust on it. :frowning: Maybe not as bad as yours, at least the cloud doesn’t cover the whole disc. The most surprising thing is… they make almost no contribution on quality. Unfortunately(?) I found them at the end of my batch but you found them earlier so… I think it’s something to RMA.

I still have one spindle of them (also buyed at Nierle in Germany). There are 5 discs left and until now i had one with a physical error that could be clearly seen. It had a mayor error increase at that particular point. The overall production quality isn´t that great at all. I now use Taiyo Yuden 4x DVD-R only!

the dye defect is very visible at certain angles. but I had a hard time to take the photo, because at those angles the brightness is very low and the camera needs a long exposure… the photo gets blurred. I had to take the photo at ISO400 (thus the grain).

But with my eyes, the defect is very clear. It looks as if a drop of “dying liquid” had been accidentally dropped into the disc. The disc is otherwise a perfectly normal disc.

Also, it is noteworthy that, after burning the disc, the blemish became less apparent.

Regarding the cloud of dust (disc n.25), I haven’t tried to clean it yet. I guess I will be able to remove the dust, but they will leave some “micro-punctures” behind. When the disc has dust, and you put the disc in the stack, (very tight), the presure forces the dust against the plastic and you get punctures (permanent cloud).

Before doing any RMA (a hassle, and mailcosts), I would like to know if these issues (dye blemishes (drops), dust, fingerprints) are easy to find in all brands, or its just a matter of G04. Just imagine if I get a substitute and I find the same problem.

As I said before, I also got dust in a spindle of 25 Verbatim Pastels. I just have checked the first 3 discs on top. The first one had a lot of dust and is definitely punctured by the dust. I will burn this one soon. Maybe the quality is not affected. In contrast, the dye looks very smooth, as expected from TY.

Oh, a tip: always use halogen light to check for dust or fingerprints on the discs.


There are 5 discs left and until now i had one with a physical error that could be clearly seen.

does it look like a “raindrop” in the disc?
Note that the “drop” is very visible before burning the disc, but becomes somewhat concealed after burning. So it is better to check before.

It had a mayor error increase at that particular point

Yes, with Kprobe I also get a clear increase in PIF errors at the “drop” area. But still, the values are acceptable (PIF under 6, PI around 20)

I now use Taiyo Yuden 4x DVD-R only!

Did you finally order them at os-mediatrade?
are they ok? Do they have dust, fingerprints,…? Do they have low PI/PIF?

I checked os-mediatrade website and I saw those TY, but they look strange… with no brand printed anywhere in the spindle or the discs…

regarding Verb. Pastels, in this post:

I don´t mean the Verbatim DLP Pastel discs though, but true (preferibly DVD-R) TY branded discs on spindles

did you mean that Verbatim Pastels are fake TYG01?

Yes, it looks somehow like a darker point in the disc. I didn´t notice it before the burn.

Yes, i ordered the TYs at OS-MediaTrade and they are perfect. They have the best quality of all discs that i had. They also have very low error rates. They are original TYs. Just go and buy them!

ok, I will order 10 discs to try.
And I will also try the 8X Yudens.

heres a discussion on 4X vs 8X:

Did you bought this media (below) in 25-packs?

-DVD-R 4,7 GB (G) RITEK G04-Ridisc 4x Speed A-Grade 50-pack

They say that it is A-Grade media?