Ridisc ink

I have an Epson photo R320 printer.

I, for the first time, just bought and tried the Ridisc Compatible ink hoping it does not wreck my printer?
Now I want to buy some more but------the ones I bought were called BRANDED and now I see them as Generic Compatible with different item numbers like 123-154 for yellow instead of the branded ones at 123-273???
What’s the difference between Ridisc Branded Compatible and Ridisc Generic Compatible?
It shows pictures of the ink in boxes for the Branded ones I ordered and just of the cartridges for the Generic Compatible.
The Branded ones have DWO in front of the color number. (like DWO486) for light Magenta.

I ordered from Meritline.com
They don’t seem to have the 7 pak (2 blacks) I ordered the first time.
Where else can I get the Branded ones like I got?

None of these compatible tank/cart sellers actually make ink. It’s the same situation we have with optical discs. Unless you can verify who makes the Ink, don’t buy them. Meritline certainly does not have a good reputation for selling quality products. Also note that many compatible sellers will change ink suppliers frequently.

In the US, a good place for good quality inks and supplies is www.alotofthings.com. Look for Formulabs/Sentient inks.