I’ve recently bought a splindle of Ridisc DVD+R 4X RICOHJPNR01. I burn them with a liteon 851s @ 832s cg5g and kprobe scans are really nice (average PI<10). I am though wondering if these discs ae reliable if I want to keep them for more then just a few monthes. I mean, will they die after half a year just like some princos sometimes do or are they also quality DvDs as far as longevity is concerned ?
Thanks for your help :).

If dye is A’ grade product there is not problem in future use. This Ricoh dye can burn@8x with many burners. But Ridisc is doubt brand


Thx for the reply, I’ve read your topics but they don’t seem to come to a conclusion as you said it. I’ve burnt these discs @ 8x speed and here is a scan :

I read somewhere that when the DvD’s were purple on the 2nd face, it was a sign of quality (they considered ridisk ritek g04 as good quality dvd’s and they are purple). But these DvD’s are are more blue, a bit like the bad princo DvD’s :S. Does that mean anything at all ? How can I see if it’s A grade or B or C ?

A grade should be nearly perfect on every point,that means (IMO)
No fingerprints,
No scratch, even very small and superficial,
No variations in quality scan especially at the end of the Q scan,
The hub must be “clean”.

Well, it’s rather hard to guess then, because they seem to be clean, with no scratches etc but I suppose all DvDs are clean when you have just bought them. I’m not totally right, the 1st DvD was a bit scratched because it was on top of the spindle. I thought burned it and got a similar scan as the one ahead.

Note: the dye is not the only thing that makes a disc a A grade product.
It’s the whole disc that is graded not the dye.
Like - Mister -T also points out.

About these ridisc disc’s. Well ricohjpnr01 uses a good dye and the disc’s
However the big question is how good is the top layer. Because on most cheap ritek disc’s the top layer can not handle UV very well. The disc’s themselves are good bonded(but a little rough (RITEK STYLE) so you won’t experience much bonding problems.
(For UV See pc.welt.de page and take a look arround. To lazy to search up the exact link. )
If you store them well and dark enough and it doesn’t need to last for very long years then I think your safe.
However if this is going to be used much and it will experience less ideal storrage conditions and has to last some years then I would prefer something else. (Maxell, TY, Verbatim(MCC))

Thx for the reply :). So far I haven’t had any problems with these discs, I guess time will tell me.

Hey Seb_Lz!
I also found a site which sells RiDisc RICOHJPNR01 and am very interested in buying those (only £13,90 for 50).
How are your media doing, some 4 months after first burn?


A this post jumped up in the forum I might as well ask another question at the same time.
Here’s a link to those RiDisc RICOHs: http://www.guenstig-brennen.de/catalog/product_info.php/cPath/31_177/products_id/635
Anyone recognize RICOH-packaging (if there’s one special)?

Also, question is, if I don’t buy these I’ll get Platinum DVD-R CMC MAG AE1, which I have heard will burn very nicely with my NEC-ND3500. Which ones would you recommend? They are for burning stuff that I give to friends etc, for back-ups I get Verbatim but MCC is expensive here so I want some ok-quality cheaper discs.
RiDisc RICOHJPNR01 or Platinum CMC MAG AE1?


Platinum is quite a known brand here, I have some Platinum DVD+R RICOHJPNR02 which were great but they switched suppiler to RITEKR03 for DVD+R and CMC MAG AE1 for the DVD-R

I have some Datawrite/ricohjpnr01 and they burn excellent @6x on my 3500+3520 and decent on my 1653@4x. Imo they were a little inconsistant (could be accident?) @8x so stick with lower speed. With TY i’m used to PIE at 100000 but RICOH is 5-6000. -PIF, TY less than 100 and RICOH less than 200. I already ordered some more Datawrites and i think it’s my new favorite cheap disc. Actually the finish looks pretty well (solid) on them too. Hope there’s more stock when i come back. (Below - first is 4x w 3500 and second is 6x w 3520)

Hi mannen,

The scans I do on these discs still show a very low average PI errors (generally <1) and I can still read fine some DvD’s I burned a few months ago :).

Hi Seb, I dont mean to be rude but what you read there is complete and utter rubbish. It’s a totally unfounded myth to draw that whole conclusion from just two data points, namely Princo and Ritek G04. Lots of quality media like Verbatum (MCC) and TY for example have bottom layer coloring which is far more like your ricohjpn001 media than it is to the purple R04’s. Besides that, those dark purple Riteks are no longer considered to be highest quality media you can get, not by a very long stretch!

Thank you Seb_Lz!
I decided to get Verbatims instead although their higher (but for Europe) still good price.

About the colour of the dye, DVD+R discs tend to have a bluer dye while DVD-R tend to have a more purple dye but you cannot conclude anything about quality based on the colour of the dye.

Thanks for the info concerning the dvd color and tbh I didn’t really trust the site, that’s also why I asked your advice about this information.