RiDisc CD-R

Very happy to order some of these the other week for £7.50 per 100 or something stupid and ended up with the printable edition. No problems, they would just be the same as the normal ones albeit with a white top.

Wrong! Popped one of the discs in my drive and found they used a CMC dye as opposed to the Ritek dye :confused:. Will the Ritek CD-R dye be any better as if so I’ll get the company to exchange the box for me. I’m using CMC TuffDisc at the moment and they seem fine, although not sure who makes the best CD-R!

I would prefer Ritek CD-R over CMC CD-R.
Best CD-R disc? That is a highly debated question.
For consumers I recommend Made in Japan Taiyo Yuden (can be found in many brands including Fujifilm) or Maxell CD-R Pro Made in Japan.

I got good results with ridisc cd-r too.
For cd-r, I prefers verbatim pastel (TY) or Traxdata and sometimes Hispace media