Ridisc brand TTG02?




Do you think i can trust these brands with TDK / TTG02 dye or sould i get the “real” TDK ?


your question seems to be unrelated to this thread:confused:

btw, to answer ur qn, i seldom use TTG02 ( only can find TDK branded ones here in SG) so i cant comment much.


Ridisc is known for using lower quality / lower grade discs.
These definitely will not perform as well as true TDK brand discs.


TDK mostly ignored in South Korea as well. Too expensive. Maxell, Taiyo Yuden, Mitsubishi, Sony, Ricoh, and some other media are now available at relatively reasonable cost but not TDK, not JVC…


Not JVC? That is ironic since they usually outsource to TY anyways. :wink: I agree though. The only JVC’s I could find in my area came in 5 packs and ran $2 a disc (USD). Pretty sad when I can get the exact same discs under the TY brand for 60 cents a disc.


Branded media in jewel cases is always going to carry a premium over unbranded (or even branded) discs in spindles. That being said, I’ve had far better results with the JVC TYG02 than the Fujfilm ones. I haven’t tried unbranded OEM TYG02 yet.


It is not bad, though I’ve had better results with MCC03. The TYG02 tend to have a small spike of PIFs at the very end.


No arguments there. I had a giftcard to Fredmeyer and couldn’t find anything else to purchase, so I picked up some MIJ JVCs which turned out to be TYG02 and they are the only DVD-R discs that I have bought from stores within the last two years that haven’t been defective (refer to my horrid experiences with Maxell and Fuji spindles). I had a couple of coasters but those were my fault. I absolutely love my unbranded TYs from rima though.