Ridisc 8x slow with Nec 4550

I’ve just bought an NEC 4550 to use externally with my laptop. It’s connected via firewire through a Prolific chipset.

I was using a Benq 1640, but this wouldn’t let me rip, but burns were okay. I was using Ridisc 8x DVD-R with the TTG02 dye. These would burn at 8x on the Benq, but now I find that they will only burn at 4.1x with the NEC. Supported write speed is showing up in DVD Decrypter as 2,4, & 8.

I’ve also tried a couple TDK branded disk with TTH01 dye - in both cases it reached 8x(however in the first case, it took 10 mins, in the second it took 7 mins).

Would would likely be the cause of this? I’ve just bought some Ridisc Extreme with the Ritek G05 dye…I really hope these will work okay!(Still sealed haven’t opened them yet!)



Which means the media is supported @8X in the NEC, and that if it doesn’t reach 8X it’s because the drive’s WOPC prevents it. So it must be low-quality TTG02, which wouldn’t be surprising under the Ridisc brand. :Z

I’ve just bought some Ridisc Extreme with the Ritek G05 dye…I really hope these will work okay!(Still sealed haven’t opened them yet!)
Expect problems. Ritek G05 is not a trustable media these days, lots of reports of short lifespan of these discs, go to the blank media section and search for ‘G05’ and you’ll see what I mean. And as Ridisc certainly doesn’t offer the best quality Ritek blanks, you even more chances to get those infamous G05 dying in several months or even several weeks.

Now that the prices of all blanks dropped, it’s better to stay way from these cheap E-net brands (Datawrite, Datasafe, Ridisc and Tuffdisc) and buy reliable stuff like Verbatim, Sony, TDK, or unbranded Taiyo Yuden discs.

There are exceptions, like some Datawrite with the CMC MAG AE1 MID that are OK (in NEC drives), but overall it’s a lottery.

Believe me, going cheap with DVDRs costs more in the end than going for the good stuff right from the start. :iagree:

Very wise advice, Francksoy :iagree:

white43, from your previous posts we have learned you have a “couple of years old” laptop. Have you ever thought your lappy is holding you back from 8 and >8x burn and rip speeds.

Run a full transfer rate and burst test (Benchmark) with latest Nero CD-DVD speed and post that image as attachment with your next post. :slight_smile:

Guys, thanks for your advise.

Pinto - The Ridisc Extreme discs burn at 8x as do the TDK. It’s just the Ridisc ones that don’t. I can rip fine with this drive, in fact the average was 11.53x with CD-DVD Speed. I didn’t save as a png, will try and work on that.

Burst test - all I can find is burst rate? That states 21mb/s.


I’ve ran these two tests. Not looking too happy in the read…

Interestingly enough the Ridisc actually got to 8x this time :a

Is there any benefit to upgrading the firmware to Dee’s latest? The 1.X2?

Overspeeding. So if your discs give poor results to start with even at rated speed… er… see what I mean.

The transfert rate test shows that this is a poor burn, which confirm what I thought: these discs are not very good. That’s why the burner resorts to underspeeding when burning them. :frowning: