RiDisc 4xDVD-R



Wrote to this disc this morning, appears to have burned ok however DVD standalone will not recognise neither will DVD player on PC any ideas anyone


Hy Toby,

what burner?
what Firmware?
what Burning Software?
what Media ID?

have you finalized the disk??


BTC 1008 Latest Firmware Nero 6 and I havent got a clue of the media ID however I have now just tried it in the BTC DVDRW and it plays ok but only in Windows Media Player and not Power DVD although it is not recognised by my ordinary DVD drive


have you finalized the disk??

look in the video_ts folder on your dvd - are the files there?


Well guess what I downgraded my Nero ( I had installed the latest update for vision express) and it worked fine, I guess the latest isn’t always the best, still it might help someone else in the same predicament Thanks for your help


i can only :iagree:, good to hear that it worked for you when doing this way.