Ridiculous flavors



There you are, walking around in the supermarket. You grab a product and think? What the hell? Who invented that weird flavour?

What’s the most ridiculous flavor you’ve ever heard of?


Yak milk-Rice

T tell you the truth I have never heard of any of this except the Cucumber-Mayonaise sandwhich, Banana-walnut bread, and thats about it…damn, I think I need to pay attention more when i go to the store. :iagree:


I would never buy anything with catus taste… like blueberry-cactus soft drinks


Can’t say I’ve ever seen theose flavours …
although I have come across warheads flavoured cherry->chilli.


Prawn Cocktail. Why?


Onions 'n beaver ice cream. Creamy white onion vanilla swirl with mouth-watering chunks of beaver. I like to dig to the bottom for a spoonful of the hair that sinks to the bottom!


Hedgehog flavour crisps (chips) For those who want to know, it’s a small spiny European nocturnal insectivore!! A goat we tried feeding them to ate the packet rather than the crisps…I agree with that goat…Yeeeeuch!!


How dare you be original. If I see you in the street I’m gonna frag your ass under general principal. No-one is allowed to post original ideas. It’s contravening the idea of “free” speech. Only corporate business is allowed copyright, and if you want to argue about it speak to mylawers.are.harder.than.yours.com


royal club, mango-red pepper… blah!