Ridata Rw consistency



I have some backups that i use or update every once in a while on some Ridata 4x RW, how consistent these dvds are and if i should trust my data on them or just go ahead and transfer these dvds over to my verbatim dvd-r’s.


While RW media often is fine over extended periods of time, they’re better suited for shorter-term storage. You would be much safer burning anything critical to you onto decent +R/-R write-once discs such as the Verbatim discs that you mention, particularly for lengthier periods of time. A couple of options could be to A) continue using your discs in the current manner, but create a backup of them onto a -/+R disc on occasion so if/when the RW disc(s) do fail, you at least have a backup of some sort, or B) depending on how you’re using the discs and if many/most of the files remain unchanged with a few occasional files added over time, maybe just using a -/+R disc in multisessions would be another possibility.


I agree with [B]scoobiedoobie[/B]'s advice. :iagree:

Rewritable media is good for short term backups, but shouldn’t be the only backup of important data.

I use some DVD+RW media for weekly backups and when the discs are full I consolidate the files onto DVD+R/DVD-R as more permanent backups. The DVD+RW are not the only backups, however.



Consider using DVD-RAM (with UDF file system) for that purpose. In my book, these are indeed much more reliable that DVD+/-RW.
I use DVD+RW only as VHS tape replacement. Record, watch, overwrite. Actually, I have a dying Philips 041 disc, apparently writing without problem, but readback issues. This disc wasn’t used very much.



I also use DVD-RAM for that purpose… and an external harddrive… and I also synchronize the files between my desktop and laptop pc.

So I think I’m pretty well covered. :bigsmile:

But thanks for the good suggestion. :slight_smile:


thanks guys for all your quick help, i will be transferring my dvd-rw files to dvd-rs
How would i use dvd-r as a udf system though, i thought you could only use a dvd-rw for that and i would use incd for that…? excuse my newbness


Nero can burn to DVDs in UDF format too.
Just pick DVD-ROM (UDF) in the compilation window.