RiData/Ritek/Office Depot +R-DL for 360 Backups

I’m looking for something inexpensive to burn 360 backups. Any opinions on these? I saw Office Depot has 25 pack for $40 which seemed okay.

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I really wouldn’t recommend any DL other than Verbatim, although depending on your burner, CMC-made DL may be OK.

Thanks. Can ask about why? I don’t have any experience judging blank media quality.

The Ritek made ones I’ve used so far haven’t burned too well, even failing to burn in a couple of my burners.

I honestly (personally) wouldn’t spend that amount of money again, not knowing how good the discs will burn, if at all.

I still have some left, which are used strictly for testing purposes now, I wouldn’t put any of my stuff on them.

Whereas the Verbatims, whilst being more expensive (unless you can find them on sale somewhere, if you’re in the US you’ll have luck there) are more consistent. I haven’t had a failed burn with the ones I’ve used (+R DL), and playback is smooth. :slight_smile:

Edit: Try looking in our Bargain Basement for cheap deals on media, including DL :wink:

Verbatim +R DL’s will give you less problems and are more reliable. When ever i have read of problems with 360 backups the discs used was something other than Verb. Only time i have read of a Verb given problems is when its ether A: a bad burn(never once had this happen with a verb myself) B: was burnt incorrectly i.e. layer break wrong or not set to DVD-Rom.

I have backedup a fair few 360 backups all on verbs and no problems with them what so ever.

thanks guys, quite helpful

Because DVD media is very inconsistent in quality and through the past four years or so people experienced major problems and data loss with some kinds of media (alot of them in fact) , so , with so many media manufacturers , we here at cdfreaks and in other forums too avoid such problematic media .

For SL media :
TY , Verbatim and CMC are very good (Add to that my personal favourite OPTODISCR16)

For DL media :

Verbatim +R DL was the only brand worth buying for excellent quality and wide burner-support .

Sometimes other brands like CMC (as Arachne stated) can be rather good depending on batch quality and/or burner support but all in all you should not take the risk specially that DL media is rather expensive and if you got stuck with bad batch (most likely with other than Verbatim DL) you would loose alotta cash :bigsmile:
Verbatim in the other hand is very consistent in quality .

PS : I’ve NEVER tried DL media myself , but that is what I read here :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT : Arachne and Master Yoda were faster :smiley:

Not all CMC are good. For the 16x SL media, the CMC DVD+R’s (CMC MAG M01) are usually worse than the CMC DVD-R’s (CMC MAG AM3).

CMC 16x -Rs are CMC MAG AM3 :wink:

I stand corrected. I have not used a CMC disc with a CMC code since I bought a couple for testing two months ago.

$40 for 25 pack Is too much for Office Depot media.

I agree that RiTEK-made DVD media isn’t anywhere near the best quality. But I’m beginning to agree that $40 for 25 pack is too much for any brand of media. And retail brick-and-mortar stores are the worst offenders for such high pricing.

Compare it to the cost of 25 xbox360 games.
Isnt it cheap??

CMC 16X media is [B]only[/B] worse in Quality Scans , the most important thing is stability , readability and longevity and in that regard CMC is very good SL media :slight_smile:

I forgot to add RICOH and MAXELL MIJ to the “best SL media” category

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