Ridata/Ritek $44.10 for 100 pk!

I received an email earlier today from shop4tech saying that they are having a sale on certain DVD-R media and Ritek/Ridata happens to be one of them. Using the coupon code “DN10” gives 10% off additional to their sales price already so the price for a 100 pk shipped came to $44.10! I’m thrilled and can’t wait to get them. Just figured i’d pass on the deal.

COOL, thanks OP for the heads up. I bought 300 of these as Riteks looovee my drives. Sweet deal! :iagree:

I think ritek and my burner were made for eachother :smiley:

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Trust me! Ritek it’s not what it used to be, I mean for that price you’ll get some really crap media from them, and don’t let that Ridata branded crap fool you either, it will still be bad. No to long ago I bought a spool of 100pcs 4X Ridata branded ritek’s for $52, and guess what! I was only able to burn them at 2X despite its 4X certification with my Sony DRU-500 which it never had a problem burning 4X Ritek’s before at 4X. That goes to show you that ritek has fallen considerably in quality. I don’t buy ritek’s anymore, I rather spend a bit more and buy rebranded Tayo Yuden media, they’re the best!!!