Ridata R03 8X +R, decline in burn quality

Just a heads up; I got some R03 about 9 months ago and I was seeing scans in the teens with very low PI/PIF counts when burning on my NEC and recently, on the BenQ. I ordered another 100 from Newegg last week and no matter what, on 4 different burners, the PI count ranges from 60-180 with a total count around 200,000 and sometimes double. They are playable as the PIF count is still low but I am going to relegate these to 4X only.

Too bad, these were the last Ritek media that had not yet gone down the crapper. TY only from here on out.

well hope the 4x R03 revision 2 ridta’s are still ok cos i’ve bought 100 of them

I hear ya. Just had a batch of 100 R03 revision 02 that were absolute sh*t. Average PI >85, spikes to ~400, well over 200K errors per disc.

Time to stick with Taiyo-Yuden I think…

Ritek’s production control vary a lot.
Traxdata (Ritek R03 revision 02) able burn @12X.