RiData or Princo CD-R Media - which is better ATM?

Hey guys,

Has anyone tested RiData in the 50 spindles and the RiData in the red packaging?

I would be interested to know if they burn without C2 errors consistently.

Also how about those 56x Princo’s, I heard good things about older ones. Do they still produce good C2 free results?

Thanks guys.

RiData is better, a whole lot better. Don’t go with Princo garbage if you value your data.

Thanks, I asked because I kind of don’t like the Riteks I have now. I bought 8 spindles because the first one was great and C2 error free…but the last two spindles have dye missing and weird inconsistency in the dye and the discs have C2 errors all over and can’t be read at full speed for more than few seconds (Arita is the brand) and also a number of discs easily peel :(.

How are the RiData? Are they more consistent Riteks? Are they prone to peeling?

Thanks for the info so far! :slight_smile:

Where did you get your Arita Ritek?

Right :iagree:

What’s wrong with the RiTEK that gives the scan like this ? :

Office Depot, the outside packaging was labelled “BurnRite”

I should note I have had unbranded media with weird spirals which was excellent Ritek media I believe. Although I also had some silver/silver berfore these and they also had the strange dye problem, some of them at least but the problem wasn’t reflected so badly in write quality.

Hmmm, maybe I’ll give the RiData’s a try. There are also some in a spindle of 50 , might those have a label? Are they the same as the S/S but with a label?

I really hate Silver because my ProDisc silvers and well many CDRs tend to peel unless they have a good top coating or a label.

Is that from RiData branded Ritek? Wow!

Yes to ‘Wow!’ :wink: , but these RiTEKs were Fujifilm Audio 30pk branded.