Ridata not compatible w/ TEAC W524E?




I just bought 10 CD-RW with RIDATA brand on it. But when I tested it with my TEAC W524E using NERO 6 it said the CD isn’t compatible? I wonder what’s wrong? Can anybody respond, or I should return them all to the reseller?

thanks in advance,


Forget it, I already ask a friend and he said it’s not compatibility issue, the discs were too cheap (about 1$/piece) they won’t work. Dang, I should’ve knew this is going to happen if I buy cheap merchandise :frowning:



I spent some time yesterday doing some Nero CD Speed checks on those Green top Ridata 52x CDRS, the results where not good. I have heard of the problem I found with these blanks before. At the end of every disk checked I got anything in the region of 3000-6000 errors, no good :frowning:

I am not buying anymore :frowning:

The new blue top 52x TDKs burnt on the same drive are fine, and show no problems at all.