RiDATA ever heard of them?

Hey guys. If you are in Canada and like shopping online, have a look here www.media-n-more.ca I started buying recently from this new company. They are in eastern Canada and their prices are,I think, very good. There is not a lot of cheap retail stores in my neck of the wood so I am forced to shop online.

Its Future Shop (Benq 8X) and Best Buy (Fuji TY 8X). Don’t know if they still have any left.

ok where?

You do have Future Sho[p and Best Buy in Toronto, don’t you?

Time you guys heard about:


Better prices, better selection, better quality, and better information about the media you’re buying than this “media’n’more” place. This “media’n’more” company recommends :rolleyes: Princo (the true bottomfeeder of media makers) fer chrissakes.

You know, Blankmedia looks pretty good too. Thanks for the info. But if price is what you are concerned about, take a closer look at the site I suggested. www.media-n-more.ca Their prices are equal to and better than blankmedia. Outstanding deal on the Epson ink for example. After all, this is just a new company. You can’t expect them to have a huge selection lika a big company from the start.

Blankmedia also stocks Princo (read their newsletter) and they do have more choice in TY and Verbatim. But media’nmore is closer to Nova Scotia and shipping will be an advantage for Daddio. Blankmedia recently changed their shipping rate to BC and it costs a little bit more for me to buy from them now.

Errata: I claimed media’n’more recommended Princo, and that was incorrect. Like Blankmedia, they carry Princo but don’t “recommend” it. Sorry about that.

I guess I just wasn’t impressed when I clicked on DVD +R media, only to be told: “There are no available products under this category.”

I didn’t see any quality media at media’n’more, where Blankmedia has Ritek +4x (Ricohjpnr01 code) for $29 for 50 & Verbatim -8x (MCC 02RG20 code) for $35 for 50. Even the legendary Taiyo Yudens are $38.99 for 50, where NCIX’s Boxing Day sale price is a buck more.

For information on classifying good or not so good media, see http://www.nomorecoasters.com

To read customer’s opinions & experiences of media quality, see http://www.videohelp.com/dvdmedia.php
-you can search by brand or media code.

After all, this is just a new company. You can’t expect them to have a huge selection lika a big company from the start.

I don’t think Blankmedia is all that big, certainly not like NCIX or Tigerdirect. Speaking of big companies, Wal*Mart (Canada) is selling Memorex 8x +R & -R for C$14.77 for 30. I can confirm that the +R are Ritek R3 code (hey, trying to get back on topic for the thread :bigsmile: ) and burn OK at 8x and great at 4x. I posted a PIPO scan I did yesterday in the Plextor forum:


Good point. I live about 50km from where Blankmedia is located, so shipping is either $6 or $8.