RiDATA ever heard of them?

Are these dvd +r 8X discs any good? theres a sale at a very reputible pc store and I would like to know if I should get some, bear in mind I have a picky 1620! :smiley:
They are on sale for 50/$22.99.


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RIDATA and TRAXDATA are Ritek’s “home” brand. 8X +R discs are RITEK R03 media. Can be burned at 12X with BenQ 1620 B7P9 or later.

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Traxdata are generally accepted as the best Ritek media. I would not settle for less.

RIDATA Ritek R03 written at 12X:

That’s a pretty good deal.

So should I buy these , I went to the above metioned site, but in your guys opinion (Spartane are you there!!) should I get these tommorrow??

For me this has been EXCELLENT media. It’s cheap and it burns at 12X (about 6:39 for a complete disc). All of my Ritek burns have been excellent, and all with low PIF’s. The PIE’s are a little bit high, but they seem to have improved with B7T9 making it a good upgrade for this media - at least on my system.

That said, I heard some rumblings a few months back that Ritek was having problems maintaining the consistency of their media. I’d guess that was just teething problems bringing new equipment online to meet demand, but I don’t know if these problems still persist or not, and I don’t know if these problems even applied to the 8X R03 media.

In the bundle of 50 that I purchased, I have seen no issues at all and would not hesitate to buy them again. However, your mileage may vary.

The Riteks are one of two brands that I like. The other is SmartBuy Prodisc R03 8X media. It too overspeeds to 12X and it too provides me with excellent scans. The PIE’s are extremely good - even better than the Riteks. The PIF’s are generally slightly worse, although perhaps I can’t really say that anymore, since they seem to be performing better after the B7T9 firmware upgrade and the B7L9 “cleansing”. Again, YMMV.

In any case, Good Luck with your purchase tomorrow!

I’d get these:

$45.00 per 100 - 4X TY01’s that burn quite excellent in the 1620 @ 8X… :wink: :wink:

I wouldn’t buy any Riteks when I could buy TY’s at the same price…

I said they were on sale here, I didnt scower the internet for the best deals on other media.

So what’s the point? Your post was “Are these dvd +r 8X discs any good?” The assumption was that you were asking 'bout the quality of the media as it was related the price in your post… :wink: :wink:

Simple anwser: Your media choice is trash compared to my suggestion and the price isn’t great either… :bigsmile: If you don’t want anwsers to your questions, then don’t ask them…

maybe you should read the thread before posting your useless opinion on media, I said I was getting them a pc store near ME! Not some flash in the pan website you shop from.

Hahaha, here in Canada, since it was boxing day today, er, yesterday, you could get 8x TYs, $20 for 50, and 8x Sonys and Daxans (BenQ) for $60 for 200, $35 for 100. Both of these medias can be written at 16x in the 1620. Btw, these prices are all Canadian.

And maybe you should grow up before making as a$$ out of yourself! If you spent any time here you’d know that there is no better media than TY and a large % of peeps here buy from Rima.com:wink: :wink: :wink: Nuff said boy.


Where in Canada, eh? Are theystill on sale?

Toronto (Etobicoke, Ontario) “Premier computer canada” (416) 251-2215

On Lakeshore Blvd.

Thanks Matty. Don’t know if I’ll venture out there. I am in midtown T.O. However, I visit Dragon Mall often. If I don’t get these, I’ll get the 8x RiData. But, these are pretty tempting to take a drive.

you know the place? Its a GREAT PC store they also have a sapphire X800 for $375 this week (?) only 2 per customer go for it!!

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And just to throw in my 2 cents, Ritek (RiDATA, TraxData, etc.) media is generally considered to be mediocre. An excellent deal if could be had at very low prices. A rip-off if the prices are moderate to expensive.