RIDATA DVD+r Media From Newegg.com

At the recommendation of other posters on this forum, I was searching the Newegg.com website for DVD+r media.
Is the Ridata Model# DRD+47-4X-RDSM pretty good media? I just bought my burner and my first media was a 10 pack from ZipZoomFly.com; there own label. The disc surface is purple and once I got the hang of using my Nero Recode, I’ve burned 7 excellent moive backups in a row.
The price at Newegg.com is awesome and I was wondering if their media is as reliable as the reviews on the website say.

My LiteOns like them, with a speedhack they will even burn at 8X, and scan with PI average usually less than 1.0. I use them, as well as Memorex DVD+R 4X, to back up my divx. The Memorex seem to scan slightly better even though they are the same media code(RicohJpnR01) but the Ridata are good for the money and dependable.