Ridata DVD-R DL & Plextor 740A - Burning Files from Your Hard Drive

For those who have a Plextor 740A and wish to have a flawless burn of movie files saved on your hard drive onto Ridata DVD-R DL discs, I’ve only been able to do it using DVD Decrytor & Clone DVD2 & Plextor firmware 1.02.

  1. If you don’t have it, download DVD Decrypter (freeware) and CloneDVD2 (free trial then buy - it’s worth every penny). This is very user-friendly software and there are tutorials for both that are well-written and easy to follow. DVD Decrypter will be used to rip the movie onto your hard drive and CloneDVD2 will create the .iso file AND burn the Ridata DVD-R DL disc.

  2. You MUST upgrade your Plextor 740A firmware to 1.02 or you’re gonna get error codes the instant you start to burn Ridata DVD-R DL discs. Google search for it - it’s easy to find and easy to upgrade.

  3. Once you get your firmware updated and your PC rebooted, create a new folder for your target DVD (i.e., “TipNuck Season 1 Disc 1”).

  4. Using DVD Decrypter, rip your target DVD and save to your newly created “TipNuck Season 1 Disc 1 folder”. The files are now on your hard drive.

  5. Next, we need to create an .iso file from the DVD movie files you just saved on your hard drive. To save you aggravation, forget about .iso creators like CDBurner XP Pro and burning with DVD Decrytper - it didn’t work for me with Ridata DVD-R DL discs. This is where you’ll be using CloneDVD2 and as mentioned above, you’ll use CloneDVD2 to create the .iso file AND burn to the Ridata DVD-R DL disc.

  6. Fire up CloneDVD2 and select the “Write Existing Data” box.

  7. A new screen fires up called “SOURCE AND OUTPUT METHOD”. In the Source area in the top left of the screen, ensure “DVD Movie Files” is selected. Use the Browse button to locate where you put your TipNuck Season 1 Disc 1 folder and once you find & highlight the folder, click OK.

  8. To the top right of the screen, click on the ISO/UDF Image button, and below it, enter the name of the .iso file you’re going to create (I usually use the name of my movie - just like the folder. Leave Volume label at VIDEO_DVD.

  9. Click the “GO” button on the bottom right and voila! You’re now creating your .iso file. Be patient - it’ll take 10-20 minutes to create the file. DO NOT TOUCH YOUR PC DURING THIS PROCESS!

  10. After your TipNuck Season 1 Disc 1.iso file has been created, go back to your “SOURCE AND OUTPUT METHOD” screen.

  11. In the Source box, select “ISO/UDF Image” and go to your TipNuck Season 1 Disc 1 folder and select your TipNuck Season 1 Disc 1.iso file. This is the file that’s going to burn your movie onto your Ridata DVD-R DL disc.

  12. In the Output Method box to the top right, select the DVD Writer button. Ensure your burn speed is 2-2.4x if you’re using the 4x disc.

  13. Below the burn speed area, take a look to ensure your burner is selected.

  14. Leave the Options area alone - it’s ok to save the Temp files to the CloneDVDTemp folder; but ensure the “Delete temporary video files after writing” is checked.

  15. Click “GO” and it’ll take another 20-30 minutes to burn a perfect copy onto your Ridata DVD-R DL disc.

Just so ya know, you don’t need to select “DVD-ROM” as you do with DVD+R DL discs. Just follow these instructs and you’ll have a perfect backup.

Disclaimer: I have not tried this with other DVD-R DL media - just the Ridata. Following this method, I have not created any Ridata coasters.

Good luck!


Too many middlemen… DVD Decrypter will rip straight to an .iso file, why use CloneDVD2 at all?


DvD Decrypter Iso read to Hard Drive.
DvD Decrypter Iso write to Disk. Or use Imgburn and write to Disk.

Would change my choice of medium as well, Ridata is okay, but the quailty can vary. Verbatim would be first choice.

:cool: :cool:

Your post is very informative and thank you for taking the time to write it. However the subject and methods are open to some criticism, as you have already seen above.

My misgivings are about your central recommendation to use DVD -R DL discs. When it comes to backing up DVDs, what possible advantages do these offer over +R DL?

Not only that, suggesting to use RIDATA DL media, regardless if - or + is a bad idea.

Agreed :iagree:.

You’re exactly right - and I use DVD Decrytper to do just that…except this method doesn’t work on Ridata DVD-R DL 4X Inkjet Printable media with my Plextor 704A burner with 1.02 f/w.

In fact, I tried to use both DVD Decrypter AND CDBurnerXP Pro to create the iso file and burn it thru CloneDVD2, but it throws up errors everywhere the instant it starts to burn.

The only iso files that will CloneDVD2 will burn successfully on this particular media is CloneDVD2’s own iso file. I’ve tried DVD Decrytpor/Nero, CDBurnerXP Pro/Nero and I get coasters.

I have no idea why it is, but this is info I want to get out to others who are having a similar problem with Ridata DVD-R DL & Plextor 740A.

I notice you ignore subsequent criticisms. Why do you blindly want to promote a clearly inferior medium?

Unless you address the real issues, this thread is gone as if it were spam :cop:.

The fact is, I buy in bulk. For DVD5, I use only Taiyo Yuden (DVD-Rs at that), but TY doesn’t have inkjet printable dual layers yet. Verbatim doesn’t have bulk inkjet printable DVD DLs that I can find either.

So Gentlemen, please temper your criticisms. The intent of my thread is to help others who have a Plextor 740A and who’ve bought cakeboxes of Ridata DVD-R DL 4X discs and are having issues (as I did). As soon as TY comes out with their dual layers, believe me, I’m switching over to them.



Explain what the “real issue” is here???

I bought 4 cakeboxes of Ridata DVD-R DL media because it’s the only DVD-R DL media I can buy in bulk that’s inkjet printable. That’s what I bought. TY doesn’t make dual layers - and that’s all I use for CDs & DVD5s. I cannot find Verbatim inkjet printable in bulk cakeboxes. I have not had much luck with DVD+R in my stand alone - using the DVD-ROM setting or adjusting bitrate settings via other programs. So if you want to know why I bought bulk Ridatas DVD-R DLs, that’s it because I use TY DVD-R DVD5s.

I originally had difficulty burning Ridatas with my Plextor, but after several coasters and dicking around with all my dvd software, I found a combination that will I can burn these discs 100% of the time.

This post was to assist others who are having the same problem. But who cares about assisting others with the same problem - personal opinions over which brand/type of media is better is more important, isn’t it.


Very well - leaving aside the confusing “bitrate settings” reference - but your priority of buying “inkjet printable” surfaces over disc quality and highly-questionable compatibility may not be exactly be everyone else’s.

Completely lost with the logic there, I’m afraid :confused:. The respective quality of these disc MIDs is like comparing chalk to cheese.

Let’s have some sort of real-world comparison then: “100% burning” to discs is one thing: since you have cakeboxes of them, what is your experience in playing back these Ridata -R DL discs in your standalone player?

The Ridata DVD-R DLs play just like the originals in my JVC XV-N50 - menus and all. I’ve only burned the 8 movies tho, but so far, I’m 8 for 8 (knock on wood!).

So anyone with that particular DVD player will be reasonably certain of getting -R DL to play back. Other members should be aware that only about 50% of currently available standalone players will accept them, however.

As for Ridata… would you care to provide a scan of the disc quality?

I’d be curious to see one too, if you don’t mind. :slight_smile:

I’ll be glad too - but I’ll need a tutorial since I’ve not done one before…


download nero cd-dvd speed. if you can do a disc quality scan at 8x that would be desirable, but i’m not sure if plextor firmware allows quality scanning.

if not, just do a scandisc in the same program and post your results here.

also, no one is attacking you personally, we just think that since ritek discs have been so widely proven to be poor quality media that purchasing better media that will burn well and won’t degrade as quickly is a better alternative than finding a workaround to burn the poor quality media.

you’ll find that imkidd is right…when people do reviews and things, there’s a reason they do them on a wide variety of players, burners, etc…to prove generalizability.

right now, with the data you’ve provided we can onyl say that this method works using your software, your burner, your firmware, and your standalone palyer. (and since we have yet to see a quality scan we can’t even surmise how WELL it has worked)

I think the OP would have to use PlexTools to scan. :slight_smile:

I already have nero cd-dvd - but the Start button is grayed out thus I cannot run the scan:

Here’s a scan from DVDInfoPro…does this help???