Ridata DVD+R DL & BenQ 1620

Has anyone tried the above combination? I’m thinking about giving it a whirl but just wanted to find out if the BenQ burns this media ok before plonking down my dough. I usually use Verbatim but these are about 3 bucks cheaper.

I got a five pack from NewEgg back in October. They burned fine. The new 4x firmware was not out yet, so it was 45 minutes a burn. I don’t know if they support 4x like the Verbatims. Got a three pack of Imations coming today. We’ll see how those go.

Thanks for the reply. I’ll give them a try.

So far with B7T9 only MKM 001 supports 4x, other +R DL only 2.4x.

The Ritek DL disc is not very good with it’s TE(tracking error) signal, so it’s hard to support it up to 4x. I don’t know that Ritek will improve their quality of DL disc or not.

According to my test, that Plextor 716A support many 2.4x DL disc up to 4x write speed like RICOHJPN D01 and MKM 001.

Imations are RicohJpn. They burn at 2.4x.