Ridata DL DVD-R media burned w/ 3550a = futile?

I bought a 5-pack of Ridata DL DVD-R from Newegg, and so far none of the DVD movies burned from ISOs with my NEC ND-3550a (v1.06 firmware) will play in 2 different stand-alone DVD players, nor a Sony DVD+RW drive, but play fine in the 3350a. Is there any thing I can do to salvage the 3 remaining discs or will I just have to abandon all hope ye who tries to burn RITEKP01 discs with this burner? Speaking of burning, it seems like a burn that newegg sold these discs with this 3350a drive in a combo deal knowing it’s nearly impossible to burn DVD9s with this setup.

Better get some Verbatim DL media and try your luck with them.

Newegg has better ways to waste its time than verifying if each & every media burns fine with each & every recorder. It is a DL media & a DL capable recorder —> There should have been no problem.

I’ve burned such a media with the 3500A and one of the 2 layers had constantly ~500 PI errors. This is nearly double the 280 limit and crappy DVD players might have difficulties in reading. Did you make a disc quality scan? What PI errors does it show?

RiData DL is just [U]The devil in disguise[/U], I believe. :a

[I]Avoid the paraNoid![/I] :bigsmile:

I got a pack of ridata dl dvd-r free from newegg, the first one I tried to burn, my burner also a Nec 3550a would not even take my disc. I found some firmware on Liggy and Dee’s site that made it possible to burn and play, not only on my new Sony, but also on my old Toshiba stand alone, that is very fussy about what it takes. It can only read dvd-r. If you look up to an earlier thread about firmware and Nec3550a by Liggy and Dee, you might find the answer to your problem,I did. Nec also has an updated firmware, you might want to check that out too.

Don’t waste your time. I had a 5 pack … tried to burn on
NEC 3550
NEC 3520
Pioneer A09
All failed. Bought some Verbatim discs (10 pack) burned 6 without any problems !!!
Ridata media is crap !!! Some old burns (8 months - 2 years old) on their single layer discs with not play any longer.

Yes, it’s crap.

Be able to burn them successfully also means nothing, nada, nix.

Scan them for quality and be shocked…

Do you know which firmware version of Liggy & deee’s allowed you to do this? I updated my 3550a’s FW first from 1.05 to 1.06 (no joy on getting my Ridata DVD-R DL DVD video discs to play on my Apex Standalone) then finally 1.06 with Liggy’s modified bitsetting. I’m looking for a good reason to update to L & D’s latest firmware based on the 1.06 but haven’t found a good reason until now.

Another one lovingly wasting money… oh well.

Not quite, chief. Look who originated this thread, I have 3 Ridata DVD-R DL discs left over that I’d somehow like to salvage. No lovingly wasting money here. I even got the original 5-pack for free (well, aside from the $6.00 S&H) from Newegg when I purchased the 3550 burner from them. If it’s at all humanly possible, I would like to use up my 3 remaining discs then be done with Ridata DVD blank media FOREVER.

Joseph S.

Yup, surely you got them for free with your burner because they couldn’t sell them anyway. :rolleyes:

( sounds like a joke - maybe is one. :wink: )