RiData CDRs (100 pk with red packaging)



Has anyone burned these at 40x? I tried with my stock 2.16 firmware and there are C2 errors at the end. I had the exact same results whe using My 52x Lite-on burner as well.

Am I the only one (I have a similar problem with Arita branded Riteks as well, the first batch was good but now they’re all crap). These discs also have weird irregularities in the dye when looking from the top.

Funny enough the RiData DVD-Rs have the same irregularities but seem to produce acceptable and readable results at 4X with no C2 errors.


hey. are they green ridata rated 52x? if so i havent have any trouble with this cd-rs burning at 48x with both nec3500a (beta7) and liteon 48125w.maybe a bad batch as ridata vary in quality but i’m sure is doesnt matter on cd-rs.


I think they are 48x rated (and come in red bulk packaging 100 pk with no spindle). The NEC would let me burn them at 48x if I wanted to though. These discs look just like the RiData DVD-R that come in the 50 pack spindle if that helps. They have no label, just a clear thick plastic coating on top.

The Arita discs have no coating except plastic in some areas.


i bought the 52x rated red bulk pack and it seems the buffer moves around a bit burning at 48x, but burns are successful, have not ran a check o nthe discs tho


My burns are all successful but they also all have C2 errors at the end and have trouble being read. If you could do a check with Nero CD-DVD speed that would be great (or any other similar program).