RiDATA ARITA 4.7GB 8X DVD+R 25 Pack 99 cents after $10 MIR



That’s only 4 cents per coaster!! :eek: Free shipping too.


ONLY 4 cents, LOL


hehe. thanks for the heads up on these. might have to give MIRs another chance.


I’ve done this deal twice now, the discs are so-so but I had no problems getting the rebate the first time, waiting on the second. First batch was RICOHJPN R02, second batch RITEK R03, there were some dye defects in some discs of the first batch which makes those burns marginal. Haven’t checked the second batch for defects yet, although I would not be at all suprised considering Ritek and RICOHJPN +R media from Ridata and Arita, it’s a common trait from these brands in particular. If you could use some cheap discs and don’t mind the rebate, go for it.