RiDATA 8x +R media limited to 4x on my new 3500A (was: My New 3500)

My new NEC doesnt see my RiDATA 8x dvd+rs as 8x speed only as 4x, when Im using dvd decryptor. Im guessing it a firmware issue, can someone give me a link to the right one if is it that and any special processes that are needed to flash it, because if I remember right, on the NEC website there was something that had to be uninstalled first if it was on your computer. Intel Ultra ATA storage drivers, i believe. I have Intel Ultra ATA storage CONTROLLERS listed in the device manager, but is that the same?
It said that the application that needed to be uninstalled would be listed in add/remove programs, but theres nothing of that nature in there. Little help?

With 76 post here already just use the search. I think you need to read like the rest of us. Tip: If i remember right…Accelerator sound familiar?

Intel Application Accelerator needs to be uninstalled if your motherboard can use it. Default the Intel Ultra ATA Storage Controller to the Standard IDE PCI one - use search to find the information on how to do it if you don’t know how. It’s been typed out in various forms LOTS of times.

whatever jerk you’re just looking to jump down my throat because you didn’t like my other posts, you’re as rude as you think I am, I ALREADY LOOKED in the seach, if I knew the answer I would post it here, and to the mods, hes taking the time to type out these replys if he doesnt like my question, he shouldnt bother taking the time to answer.

There are a number of posts here as well dealing with the Ridata R03s being limited to 4X with a number of different firmware, generally due to quality control issues. Based on my experience with these I would follow NEC’s advice and avoid them in the future.

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Why dont read the NEC website and you’ll see what Im talking about, besides you seem like a redneck, can you read?

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