Ridata 8x +R 100 One Day Sale $25.99

Free Shipping + 10 Rebate on 100 pack Ridata 8x +R

would be amazing if not for the rebate crap.
if they are willing to let them go for $26 bucks…just sell them for 26 bucks.
the only reason the rebate exists is in the hopes that some people won’t use it or lose it or forget it and those kind of deals insult my intelligence! :a

Why would anyone buy Ridata, when you can get Verbs for the same price at the same site.

yes, because you can’t be sure of Ritek quality. I just tested and reburned 1 more Ritek (Ridata) G05 that is quickly on the road to failure (intial PIF 644; today–4200+)–and that’s only in one month! That’s rapid degradation. So if you want peace of mind, don’t buy Ritek.

That doesn’t make anything but sense. I agree totally Quema. Stick with tys and Verbs especially when the price is the same.


Just imagine, Alan…I’m rescanning and retesting all my RitekG05s, both Ridata and Maxell DVD-R. The Maxell variety holds up better (so I suppose if someone were really dying for Ritek, they should get those, as they seem to hold up far better than the OEM or Ridata Ritek lines), but it’s still made by Ritek… There’s nothing worse than a good burn initially that just goes to complete waste and you still end up with a coaster anyway.

Yep, I think anyone buying Ritek would have better luck surviving a head-on collision with a brick wall than hoping their data stays readable on a Ritek DVD blank. :frowning:

i do not buy ridata but sometimes cheap media has it’s place.
i use ty and verbs for long term data and movie storage but if i am burning some recorded TV shows for my kids to watch in the car DVD i want something less expensive - which is why i got the 50 spindleTDK x8-R (should be TTG02) for 18 bucks shipped… (newegg)

These work flawlessly for me.

They work well for me too. I just got my box of 100 - they are RICOH JPN and my overall favorite disc. I have gone through 200 of these without any coasters!