RiData 8x dvd+r newbie question

I purchased a stack of 50 of these dvd+r for a cheap price. I did not realize that it is wrapped in paper and plastic, no casing at all, and is ready to fall out of my hand! Oh. how cheap can it go.

Anyway, here are my questions. I used Qscan and it tells me that I can burn at 12x. Good. Then I chose about 4.14 GB of data to be copied using Sonic RecordNow-Deluxe V.721 for BenQ (bundled with my retail 1620). There is nowhere that this software will allow me to choose the speed. Oh, well, maybe that is what I get being bundled software. I went ahead and loaded the files in Sonic RecordNow. Then the default configuration says I can add data later on (not closed out). Good, I thought I can fill up the 4.7 GB later on. After the burn, tested the quality with Nero and errors and pi, etc are pretty low. But, one large file folder did not get burned. Nero infotool says it has 3.66 GB on it, and it is closed out. Then I took a blank one and Qscan says it has a capacity of only 4.076 GB, and Nerotool says it has 4.378 GB. Which is correct? So, I am all confused. Is the binery calculation of 4.7 GB equivalent to 4.378 or 4.076? What did I do wrong using Sonic RecordNow that I only ended up with 3.66 GB of data?

Sorry for this long ramble. Explanations are welcome. Thx. :bow:

Now I have to go and find something to put these 50 discs in so it would not collect dust. :a

4.378 is right