RiDATA 8.5GB 2.4X DVD+R DL 25 Pack for $34.99

beats the hell out of those memorex from bestbuy at 2 dollars =/ even with free shipping. get them before the weekends over

good deal but for mediocre disks…
check reviews here…

Nice catch on the price but I would avoid these like the plague. Videohelp lists them as ritek, same as the memorex which are total crap. I got a 25 pack of memorex at compusa for 25$ (people warned me but I couldn’t resist the price) and they burned so horribly that I returned them even at that price. I know it wasn’t my burner because they burned terrible in three diffrent burners. Don’t say I didn’t warn you because newegg will only exchange these for more of the same exact thing (no refunds). You can even look at the feedback on newegg. Lots of people had problems. The ratings on videohelp are also bad and I always considered them lienient (because if the disk plays, even if errors are very high it’s considered good).

i’ve been buying the memorex from bestbuy same disc and they burn flawlessly in my nec 3520a. heard a lot of other burners burn them bad but it is a really good deal for people like me :bigsmile:

Actually they are Ricohjpn D00! and burn well in the 1640/20. Still not verbatim results, but looks pretty good.


If they are ricoh I might consider giving them a try (havent used any yet). I wonder what the odds are of getting ricoh though? All 30 reports were ritek on video help. I wonder if they have recentlly switched?

Got any scans (and yours are ritek, right)?

well the scans don’t look that great but the discs play without any freezes or skips or anything so thats ok with me

I’m begging you, just show the scan…I wanna see a ritek scan that plays well… Fyi, I have burned a whole wopping 5 of these disks (5 disks o 3 burners were so bad, I would have happilly exchanged the media for princo…
Fyi, I hate when people challenge others like that and demand proof. My fault, my bad. If you do happen to have some scans though, I would love to see them…

i’ll do a scan tomorrow, they look pretty bad but play fine shrug