RiDATA 5x DVD-RAM coming soon!

As stated in my CES 2006 article, RiDATA plans to have 5x DVD-RAM on the market soon.

Does this mean affordable and easily accessible DVD-RAM media for the masses?
Will these discs be manufactured by Ritek or some other party?
Hopefully we will find out soon!

A lot of people really hate Ritek lately, but I’m not one of them. I wish them luck with this venture and my next burner is definitely going to be DVD-RAM capable.

Thanks for the info. I wouldn’t touch anything from Ritek if they paid me, but competition is always good for the marketplace.

Yep, time will tell.

The available 5x from Pana and Maxell are good yet.

You guys let me know how they turn out. RITEK :Z

Do you ever have any company’s say “Who” when you say your from CDF? Thanks for the article. Nicely done.

Once in awhile. Most people that I talked to were familiar with the site or already knew who I am. :slight_smile:

Update on RiDATA 2-5X DVD-RAM.
The media is manufactured by Ritek.
Mass production is set to start in April or May.