Ridata 50pk 4x dvd+rw $36.99 + free shipping

Amazon has Ridata Rewritable DVD+RW 4x 50-pack Spindle for a low $36.99 shipped free. NewEgg.com has it for $54.99.” (from MC of AT-forums)

seems to be either ricohjpnw11 or w01 from http://www.videohelp.com/dvdmedia.php?selectmedia=1564#comments

media tests @ http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=82681&page=1

GL to the brave souls who get them–let us know the make and quality =p

Gotta ask, what would a person do with 50 RW discs? :confused:

I have a couple of Ricoh W11, Memorex and Liteon.
Burn quality is awesome with PI maxxing at 15-16.

At 36.99 $ it would be an absolute bargain. You could use them instead of regular +R like Ricoh R01 which perform less brilliantly.

Wondering though whether those Arita are Ricoh W11.


Don’t you think they can be used for daily revolving backups (1 backup daily during say 2 weeks or one month) ?
Or recording of TV programs you are not sure you want to keep.
Or simply as very good quality recording media + you could reuse ?

Sure, I use them too, but 50? :eek:

I ordered the 25-pack RiDatas several days ago from Amazon. I couldn’t resist because it was only $17.50 (the price now is a bit higher, as I think that $17.50 was a sale price that I happened to hit). Since I had a few items on my Amazon to-get list anyway, I got the free shipping (and no tax, too!). It was a good deal. I paid more than that a few months ago to get my 5-pack of Maxells +RWs. Heck, $17 is around the retail price of a 25-disc tub of CD-RWs. So this seemed like a good deal, and I just had to get it, even though I’d probably never use more than half the discs in that spindle. :wink: (though recently, I’ve been using +RWs more… I use them for short-term backup and for data transport–kinda like portable harddrives, except much cheaper)

As usual, Amazon hasn’t shipped the darn things yet. :a They’re always so friggin’ slow! So it could be another week or more before I finally get them, at which point, I could post some information about them.

great for amatuer/pro-photographers w/ 300Ds shooting Large-Fine pics! ^^

Blech. Finally got them in today. Did I mention that I don’t like Amazon and UPS? Newegg and FedEx is much better. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, the pack of 4x +RWs that I got from Amazon are RICOHJPNW11. The discs are labeled on top with the RiData name and arrow logo.