Ridata 4x Dvd-r

what do you guys think of ridata dvdrs?

Many people have had issues with Ritek’s QC recently, but I’ve had great experiences with this media on my PX-712A and ND-2500A. My SOHW-812S HATES Ritek G04s, though. YMMV.

newegg has a 50 pack of ritek dvd-rs for 30 bucks, they are g04s im really tempted to buy them

lately i have had some serious problems with g04’s but if you want a real good deal on media, check out www.supermediastore.com they sell riteks for real cheap! listen, if you do buy riteks, do not get the ones with the silver top, get the ones with the white matte finish. they are supposed to be the same but i have had way more problems with the silver tops!