Ridata 4-piece DVD+R Double Layer 2.4X + 1-piece DVD+RW 4X $24.99 AR @ Amazon



Price: $29.99
Mail-In Rebates: $ 5.00
Price After Rebates: $24.99



Crap, I meant 5-piece DL 2.4x + 1 DVD+RW.


There’s only 1 customer review but it’s a very bad one.


These work great for me except… One of my players (a Philips 642) doesn’t like them much. Sometimes they play, sometimes not. But they always work perfectly in my other 3 players. (I’m talking about the DL - The RW works in all players.)

I like the Verbatim DL better because they burn at 4x on my Pioneer 108 and my Philips likes them better, but this is a good deal. I’ve burned about 10 of these so far and they’re all good. :slight_smile: