RiDATA 4.7GB 8X DVD+R 100 pack 23.99

despite the negative reviews on the egg i like these disks. still got a few hundred from supermediastore that burn fine just won’t overburn like the TYs.

I had a good experience with these disks. Media code is R03. Burned all of them with Plex 712a firmwares 1.05-1.07. Not a single coster in the bunch. And no problems with degradation. Any reports on media variation? Attached is a disk burned over a year ago.

I’ve had excellent results with these too.

Anyone burn these on a benq? I might just get some for discs that I can give away.

Alot of people have had problems with these for good reason - they were good discs when they were released initially, but later batches since probably late last summer have had many problems. I bought a spindle about 8 months ago and literally half of the spindle has visible dye defects (in good lighting). And nearly every one of the discs burns pretty bad but useable, even those that don’t have visible defects. They are either Ritek R03 or RICOHJPN R02, and I think both have had problems (both are made by Ritek). I’ve used other Ritek R03 that burns decently from Memorex as well as an older batch of Ritek R03 from Ridata that was sold as 4x media that worked well, but there’s a very good chance you are going to end up with crummy media, buyer beware.

Here’s a common result from these discs that is RICOHJPN R02, unfortunate as they used to be better quality and some other brands are still good quality apparently. If you buy these, buy them knowing that you are probably going to end up with discs that don’t burn very well as most of the later batches being sent out are not near the quality of the early batches.

Strange, mine are just fine. I got them not too long ago (within 6 months). YMMV. Thumbs up for mine. :bigsmile:

Well, there are people out there with Princo discs that are several years old that work fine, but does that make them good media? The point is that they are a real crapshoot. I won’t touch any DVD Media tied into Ritek anymore.

Every media has the good and bad. The difference is what’s acceptable to Person A and Person B. :slight_smile: Carry on everyone!

Not the case here. The good stuff everyone likes is made in Taiwan. The crap everyone dislikes is made in China. I tried a few and the only result that was even OK was on a BenQ 1620 at 4X.

Go ahead and buy if you like; don’t say you weren’t warned.

Plenty of the problem discs were those made in Taiwan (mine included), so it isn’t just limited to those from China.