Ridata 16x +R 100 Pack $24.99 Free Shipping at the Egg



Ridata 16x +R 100 Pack is on sale with free shipping.

These are usually either RicohJPNR03 or RitekR04 (possibly RitekR05, RitekF16, or RitekP16 in newer batches, but I’ve not gotten a batch of these)



I personally will never buy Ritek or Ridata media - until it is a proven fact that they have overcome their poor quality control problems-

Suggest that anyone wait until Verbatim 16x goes on sale at Best Buy or Office Max for $13 per 50 cakebox - both the -R and +R is far superior than these are-eh!!


IMHO, it is hit and miss with Verbatim these days as well. My expectation is that with the dropping prices of media, the quality control problems will get worse.


I have about 60 left of the newegg ridata that are trash. It would not work correctly in 2 dvd decks and even on my computer, movies always freeze or pixelate after the 1 hour mark. I use them as frisbees around the house. Taiyo Yuden TYG02 on the other hand work perfectly everywhere. :slight_smile:


Ridata = Yuk! :stuck_out_tongue: