RiDATA 16x DVD+R Media - 100-pack - $19.99 - Free Shipping - NewEgg

Just an FYI. No endorsement should be assumed, nor is it implied.

I ordered some of these a few weeks back. They have recently redesigned the disc printing. The newer design is embossed matte and lacks the RW logo at the bottom of the disc.

The batch I got was RitekR05 with the newer VR5RK1 batch. As we have discussed, you can get Ritek R04, Ritek R05, Ritek F16, Ritek P16, or RicohJPN R03 depending on the spindle you happen to receive. These are comparable to the Office Depot branded.

I noticed a few discs have had dye streaks and splotches… I have gotten some good burns tho from this pack.

Burned here on the LG 22 @ 16x w/ RicohJPNR03 strategy.

Not bad at all for a 16x burn of that media. :slight_smile:

Deal is back. Still free shipping.

Price still holding at $19.99.

Deal is back.