RiDATA 100 16X DVD+R, $29.99 AR

newegg.com Deal of the Day

$36.99 + $3 FedEx - $10 MIR = $29.99

I assume, Deal of the Day means the $36.99 price is good for today (6/9) only. The rebate is good through June 15 and has to be postmarked within 14 days of original purchase.


Kicka$$ pricing on some kicka$$ medias (after reading all the reviews on the Newegg site)-

Just be sure to have the latest firmware for your NEC 3500’s folks-


Are you sure. :confused: I thought you guys hate Ritek DVD media?


I have been an avocate for Ritek G05 and the CD Ritek mids for a very long time-

I have not personally used the +R 16x - but as I said - the reviewers within Newegg sure seemed to like it-


(btw - what “you guys” are you referring to??)

Members here seem to dislike Rietek DVD media including Chas who used to speak highly of it. I can’t say I haven’t used ritek since G04s wich I had no problem with.

That’s because Newegg won’t allow anyone to post negative reviews. :a

I looked at a few 16X media in here and Ritek is not doing good with their 16X certified. But for that price for 16X certified media, I will jump on the wagon, in any cases, if it turns out to be bad, I will ebay it

An unfounded statement. They do, too.

Never Again, try to leave a bad feedback and you will see


The more you read around on these forums the more you will see where Newegg refused to print a negative review - it happened to me with my bad BenQ 1620 - rewrote the damn review three times and it got rejected all three times.


Is the Newegg owner a son of Chon Du Hwan or what? (The first thing he did to become a president was to control information agencies and the mass media of all kinds.)

BTW, latest firmwares of latest drive models support RITEKR05 which may be the successor to RITEKR04. Thta RiDATA’s probably RITEKR04.

8x Taiyo Yuden and Mitsubishi media are better at 16x than Ritek’s 16x DVD media. Not all drives support 8x@16x but at least all drives are first tested on those media and Ritek’s 16x DVD media are not properly supported on some drives yet. In Seoul, Taiyo Yuden RETAIL That’s 8x DVD media cost about 30 to 50% less than Ritek 16x DVD media.

I’ve got a bunch of G05, they’re fantastic. I’d say they’re not quite as good as my Fuji-branded TY T02, but pretty close. Haven’t tried Ritek DVD+R yet.

Burn RITEKG05 at 16x (under six minutes) and post scan results.

Here is a Plextor Premium listing with a negative review dated Sep 2004. More recently, a few three-star reviews on the Samsung 710N-BK page. That’s just some of the items I bought. But I do find the number of “NewEgg is great” reviews alarming.

I’m going to leave a few scathing words about the 710N-BK (URL above) I bought last January and see if it pops up on the page in a week.

hmm, appears that my DW1620@1625 rates the G05 at 8x max. I generally prefer to burn @ 4x (sometimes 8x) anyways because it’s nice & quiet :slight_smile:

Got an email from Newegg yesterday. My two-star review of the 710N-BK was “declined”, because it did “not satisfy” their submission guidelines. Here is the review:

-no dead pixels (excellent QC)

-extremely bright
-poor image homogeneity and color purity compared to my five-year old CRT
-hard on the eyes after extended periods of time
-config software (MagicTune) won’t even install under Win98

After five months I gace up and went back to the old CRT.[/i]

Consider also that Newegg doesn’t allow reviews of DOA or defective items, and you start wondering where they are headed. I spent over $3500 with them in the past two years, but now I start having second thoughts.


As I previously have said - they are getting so big that they are taking to “editorializing” their reviews - unlike what allowed several years ago - not a good sign IMO


As much as I may dislike their fascist control over reviews, Newegg is better than most internet stores selling hardware and computer media. They are good about keeping their stock status updated, they have good pictures, a good search engine, and while their return policies are not stellar they do honor their word, which is more than you can say for many other internet stores. Their shipping has been slowly creeping up but they’re still pretty good with pricing.
I will say I don’t think it’s a good idea to buy stuff on newegg based on newegg reviews (in fact newegg says that too, but you know they’re still doing it.)
I just ‘bought’ a video card at zipzoomfly because they had a better price and had the BFG brand in stock. Turns out they never had it, but a hold on the amount on my credit card, listed the order as ‘packed’ for 3 days, which when I called, really means ‘out of stock.’ They did not notify or call me. Meanwhile they’ve raised the price on the card. They offered to cancel they order, but I still haven’t see the hold lifted on my CC, which at the moment means I cant order a new video card. Zipzoomfly is often touted as a competitor of Newegg. Sure if I’d got my card on time, I would think ZZF was great, but it’s when you have problems that you can really see how a company treats customers.

16X media are fairly new and start out with this price is a great start for 16X media. Hopefully we see price drop down the road and increase support for new 16X media.