Hi, does anyone has this media working in a 1008?

I have a TDK DVD+RW and a EMTEC DVD+RW with this media code and my drive gives me very bad results or it can’t finish it (burn don’t stop).

Could you BTC include this media in the next FW upgrade?

Thank you

Dear GJCD:

As the result of BTC web site, the DRW1008IM support this MID of Media.

Best regards. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply, but I didn’t find it here:

And this media doesn’t work in my 1008, so what could be the problem?

I’ve used these in the past without any problems (Labelled as Philips), but not since about firmware 256.

Dear GJCD:

The web site address that you past is the change list of new firmware. Maybe it’s the disc issue.

I have many of these disks and all have the same problem.

Can this MID code be improved :bow:

And thank you for your answer Pence.KO

I just burned a Ritek RICOHJPNW11 yesterday w/o any problems using the 0658 firmware.

Dear GJCD:

Do you have the Benq drive, maybe you can check these discs with Benq drive, beacuse it the PHILIPS total solution kit. If these discs still fail on Benq drive, then you can throw them away…:slight_smile:

I don’t have a Benq, I have a BTC 1008