RICOHJPNR0x media questions:

1- i found media with code RICOHJPNR018, is this the same as RICOHJPNR01? what’s the 8 making at the end? (and not only RICOH, some others too have extra numbers, for ex MCC0038).

2- what’s the difference between RICOHJPNR01 and RICOHJPNR02? 01 is 4x, 02 is 8x?

3- for this (and other media also), do the brand under which the media is sold make difference in quality? there are cheap and expensive ricohjpnr01, is there any quality difference or all the same?

  1. I don’t know
  2. For what I have seen , yes, RICOHJPNR00=2,4X RICOHJPNR01=4X RICOHJPNR02=8X
  3. I think there is a grade quality. At least with G04 Riteks, there are a lot of different grades between brands, so I guess quality is different even if the dye composition is the same. Bad batches are probably sold cheaper.

I am using Maxell and Ridata branded RicohJPNR01…Both seems to be the same quality…But I cannot do kprobe scan…
Visually they are identical…