RICOHJPNR03 by Umedisc (+DL 8x)


Someone tried this disc? Maybe on a LG?


I think Ricoh DL has many compatibility issues with burners. Their manufacturing process is questionable, at least that’s what I could read here and there.

Until more info and feedback is available, for DL I’d stick with Verbatim if I were you…

But maybe someone has good experience with Ricoh DL, who knows. Just trust feedback about these only from someone who uses the same burner and f/w as you do. :wink:


That could be a problem because I have just a LG GSA-H31L here in London…


Umedisc is a Hong Kong company.
It is RICOHJPN D01, not R03 (which would be 16x DVD+R SL).
It could be DL media with faked media codes.

The Ricoh DL media code has also been abused for Playo DVD+R DL (Made in China), which could have originated from the same source.

I don’t know what they burn like. Usually LGs should burn genuine Ricoh DL well. But as this is fake media, be prepared for the worst (coaster rate 50%+).


yeah, not too many of drives of that model around…


I’ve just ordered some 8x +R DL with a RICOHJPN MID from SVP, for testing purposes.

I’ll report how they burn in my burners. :slight_smile:


I’m very interested! :iagree:
But it won’t help [B]ageha[/B] with these Umedisc I guess, as [B]kg_evilboy[/B] thinks they could be fake ID.

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True, a bit OT here since it doesn’t help ageha very much! :wink:

You have a headache, think about the poor cat… :bigsmile:


You should only use Ricoh, Verbatim and maybe Infiniti branded discs for DL media. I would never touch anything Umedisc with a 100-mile-long perverbial bargepole.


:iagree: :bigsmile:

Not even for testing purposes…sorry, guess I’m just not that brave :disagree:


Yeah sorry, of course it is RICOHJPND01.
I just saw the RICOHJPND00 from Ricoh directly so far, which is far more expensive.


Ok, the point is that they also still using the [B]Inverted Stack[/B] technique to produce their DL media.

Only Verbatim doesn’t… the conclusion is really simple. :wink:

also check out:

Don’t ask me why they have listed the 4550 twice, eh. :bigsmile:


That’s what I had at the back of my mind when talking about the “questionable manufacturing process” of Ricoh DL. :)- thanks for the link.



[km] shrug it’s just a cat… [/km]



"Ricoh utilizes its exclusive Inverted Stack manufacturing process and new high-precision stamper…"
Page seems a little bit outdated.
Anyways it seems the two Korean drive manufacturers don’t favour this media.



It’s really really compatible with the NEC 4550?
Not just one but both layers are compatible with the NEC 4550?
The list would be too short if they didn’t list NEC twice?
They are compatible with both real NEC drives and fake NEC drives?
They just really like the word “NEC”?

Just kidding! :bigsmile:


ROTFLMAO :bigsmile:


Ricoh’s Inverse Stack process has higher yield & lower cost of production than Verbatim’s Photo Polymerization (2P) process so if users want cheaper (as they always do) DL media in future, they should hope IS DL discs become more well supported and produced by better manufacturers like MKM :slight_smile:


Yeah, the hope dies at last…

Anyway, they haven’t found the magic thing to make it more compatible yet.

And their list is of cours enot up to date, drage. :wink:



Your little joke could be true, actually.
A Chinese and a Japanese company sold faked goods and even home-developed devices under the NEC brand for two years :eek:
It’s not impossible that fake NEC drives exist :flower: