Ricohjpnr02 8x or mcc004 16x on benq1620



i have a quick question to you guys with a benq 1620, if given a choice between RICOHJPNR02 8x +R or MCC004 16x +R, what will you choose and why? thanks again.


both are made in taiwan. i dont overspeed, just using the media rated speed. thanks again.


i know the verbatim mcc is made there, but the other is usaully if not always made in japan


R02 from Japan? Haven’t heard of that…


hmm, mabye i was wrong, i was thinking bout r01 i know thats from japan as i have a few left of that older media



i think r01 is also MIT like the ones branded as maxell 4x and memorex 4x.


Yes. Although Ricoh IS a Japanese company, it has no production capacity and so it uses Ritek in Taiwan to do all its media manufacturing. At one time though Ricoh was making CD media in Japan.


I noticed that i can burn my Ricoh 8X RICOHJPNR02 at 12X with Nero, will i have a better quality disc at 12X or should i stick at 8X ?
Thanks for your help !


well best thing is to try a few discs at 12x, they may be slightly less qulity scans or maybe not, best thing is to try it out