RicohJPNR01 woes once again


Some might remember my post about my previous spindle of Ridata RicohJPNR01 media, which I ended up finding burnt flawlessly with the MCC003 strat but would not with the stock ricohjpnr01 one. Well, I bought another spindle after that one since I was having such good luck with the strat swap. Bad idea. This spindle won’t burn at all without a massive mountain starting at about 20%. It does this on VS0B, VS0A, CG3B and strat swaps to MCC003, Ricohjpnr02, SonyD11, and all of the Yuden strats. So far I have 11 coasters.

Any thoughts/opinions would be helpful. I’m not looking to overspeed, just want good stable 4x burns.

Hmmm never had probs with SOHW832S and RicohJPNR01 O.o

Where did you buy these discs?

I just two days ago received a new spindle of 100 RICOHJPNR01 discs from Newegg. I am burning at 8x on a 1213@1633, with good results.

Check out my posts in this thread here.

These came from a 451@832 with RICOHJPNR01’s in a 100 pack spindle burnt at 4x with the CG3B F/W

Previous burns using lite-on’s firmware showed no such problem, although neither did the first burn using the CG3B

I would suggest going back to the 812’s official firmware

One other person in the thead noted the same problem using these discs and the _51s@832’s with CG3B

His recommendation was to get new quality media, a hard thing to do when you have 90 left.
Keep me posted, I will be interested to see what you decide and how it works for you seeing as though we are in the same situation.

These discs definatly dont agree with the CG3B F/W.

These are from a 100 pack spindle from Newegg. Gonna try a stock 812s firmware, burn a few using that, then see how it goes. I’ll post my results. As of now every burn ends in a massive mountain with PI/PIF over 1000.

Flashed to US0Q, first burn was the attached scan. First even somewhat usable burn I’ve had out of this spindle.

Burn right after that one. Same everything. Stopped it at 60% because it wasn’t gonna get any better.

Any suggestions at all would be helpful

here’s a scan of a 812@832 VSOB burned at 4X… std. strat.

I’d love to see burns like that. I burnt through about 20 of my last spindle before i found out MCC003 worked nice for them, looks like i’m gonna have about the same amount of coasters with this one, assuming i actually find something that works. sigh.

With 812S@832S F/W CG3B, my burner seems to burn ok. Below are 2 examples, both of them burned at 4x (I never really liked the idea of overspeeding).

Here’s an 8x burn (I was bored and nothing else was showing any signs of life so…) using CG3B, it’s better than the previous 4x burns i had, but it’s still horrible.

Is your dvd-burner ok with other brands?

Haven’t tried any other brands except some G04 -R’s that burnt fine. I live in middle of nowhere Georgia, I could probably find some Memorex dvd+r’s if I looked, but paying $20 for a 15 pack isn’t my idea of fun.

I’ve had problems with some Liteon buners suddenly going out of whack on only one type of media while still performing up to spec on others. Maybe your eprom is corrupted (Don’t ask me how to fix it – I couldn’t.) I wouldn’t be too quick to blame the media.