Ricohjpnr01/w11 not that cheap

The price is not that great but since they are getting scarce and I know that there are at least a few of you that like the ricohjpnr01’s, biglots has 5 packs of 4x fuji’s for 1.99$ (a little cheaper for me with employee discount). They contain 4 dvd+r and 1 dvd+rw and the pack I got had media codes ricohjpnr01 and ricohjpnw11. All stores may not have them and since we just got them, some stores may not have them but will get them. I guess with the jewel cases the price isn’t too bad if you need jewel cases.

I do love RicohJPNR01! Burned here at 8x on the BenQ 1640 using RicohJPNR03 strategy on BSIB. :iagree:

2nd scan: Burned on the NEC 3540 at 12x (!) with 1.w5, scanned on the LiteOn 1653. :clap:

Aparentlly someone liked it. They cleaned out the entire shelf of it at the store I work at.