RICOHJPNR01 w/1653s strat swap to RICOHJPNR02, still no good burns at 8x?!

Title says it all in basic terms. Will post scans later, generally >400PI spike spot on center … now using CS0P

R01@R02 worked for me with 1633S firmwares (1213S@1633S). I tried it once with a 1653S firmware (1213S@1653S), and it didn’t work so well. Maybe a different strat?

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Tried as of tonight MCC002 still no good, any suggested strats? (Btw - have a modded eeprom 1633-1653s, should I EEPROM Util the eeprom back to 1633 or… just crossflash back? any reason one or the other?)